Herbst Appliance



What is the Herbst Appliance?

The Herbst appliance is a device that helps to correct the lower jaw. It positions the jaw forward, and the top molars back. Despite the devices placement, patients should have no trouble opening or closing their mouth.

How long do people typically wear the appliance?

Typically, a normal patient wears the application for about 1 year. However, no two patients are the same.

Are there certain foods that people should avoid eating?

Just like wearing braces, there are certain foods that patients wearing the Herbst appliance should avoid eating. Cold foods like ice pops can freeze the cement and loosen the appliance, whereas gum and chewy candies will pull on the appliance, pulling it away, or even off the teeth.

What will it feel like wearing the Herbst Appliance?

When you first wear it, your mouth will most likely feel unusual, and you may have trouble speaking. It is also possible that you’ll have more saliva than normal. However, all of these are normal, and will go away after your month becomes accustomed to the appliance.

Are there any problems I should report immediately?

As is with any oral appliance, issues can arise. If one of the rods becomes stuck inside a tub, report it immediately, as this problem can limit your jaw movement. If anything such as a screw or a crown comes loose. If anything happens to the appliance, do not try to fix it yourself!

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